We're all aware of the state of the economy. Whether it's your home PC or you run a very small company or home based business and you have someone on staff who was hired to one thing, but ends up working on computers because there is nobody else to do that job internally and you fear that going outside the walls of your building for help in this regard would be too expensive, then we have some refreshing news for you.


Well here are the facts:

Companies ARE cutting costs and one of the obvious ways to do that is to invest a tiny amount on computer maintenance so that the people they hired for other tasks, stay on task
New England PC Services DOES NOT use overseas companies. All employees are right here in Massachusetts
The cost of hiring a computer company to fix your computers when they don't function properly is outrageous
The costs of paying someone to be an in-house "computer repair guy" is roughly 4 to 6 times greater than having New England PC Services as your computer experts
The bottom-line is that New England PC Services reduces overall costs significantly due to slowed production and the costs of repairing computers that have stop functioning as they should.


So if you are money conscious and want a solid company of experts to support your small business/home based business or your personal computers at home, then you can sign up right online and we can begin to start saving you money, time and aggravation.